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Watch Video About Our Backseat Baby Mirror for Rear-Facing Carseats

Backseat Baby Mirror for rear facing carseats video

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Backseat Baby Mirror & Sunshades

Testimonials for the Fun Safe Baby Backseat Mirror

Baby mirror is just the right size

I got the car baby mirror a few days ago, and it's been great. I strapped it on the headrest in about 2 minutes. It's so much nicer being able to see my little boy's face when I'm driving. He also loves to watch himself in the mirror, so it provides some entertainment for him, too. I have a different mirror for my other car, but sometimes it blocks my view out the rear window. So I specifically looked for one that was smaller, and this one is perfect. It's just about the size of the headrest, and I don't feel like it blocks my view at all. The sunshades were a nice bonus. My baby gets so fussy when the sun in shining on him in the backseat. All in all, happy with this.

Perfect baby shower gift

We bought this back seat mirror as a baby gift. We chose this one because of the sun shades that come with it as a bonus. We thought those would come in handy also. We also liked the custom-designed gift box the mirror and shades come in. The baby characters on the shades are also on the gift box. It's just a little thing, but it makes this a very nice gift.

You won’t regret it!

Love this mirror and it very clear so I can see my little one and he can see me. The reason I love this product so much is because it lets me see "why" my baby is crying. For example you can see if the sun is in his eyes, The mirror is really easy to install and attaches nicely to the head rest. I'm also enjoying that this one is not getting scratched up like our old one. You won’t regret it!

I chose the Fun Safe Baby backseat baby mirror because I have one ...

I chose the Fun Safe Baby backseat baby mirror because I have one in my car and love it so much that I wanted my husband to have one too! The window sunshades are an added bonus. No assembly was required and it fit perfectly on my backseat headrest. Plus, it's the perfect size to spy on my little one without blocking my rear view. I’d definitely recommend this mirror to anyone who asks. I'm very happy with my purchase.

I'm paranoid so I like to see my baby at all times

Just what I was looking for! I'm still pregnant so I won't be able to fully test this for a few months yet but I was in search of my fill in items for the baby and this was a must. I'm paranoid so I like to see my baby at all time and this one will work great. I pulled everything out to try it out and make sure I was gonna like it and the mirror just straps right on and gives me a perfect view of my car seat which will soon be my baby. The shades are equally easy to install and will come in handy to keep the sun out of her face.

It is nice that it has adjustable straps so it will fit

This fits perfectly in my car. It is nice that it has adjustable straps so it will fit in ANY car. It gives great peace of mind while driving to get a quick glance at my newborn and know she is doing well back there.

Great Product

This is a very sturdy mirror. I am very pleased with the way it fastened to the headrest.

Love this!

Love this!! Works perfectly to see my little one! Would definitely recommend! The sun shades were a great added bonus!

Five Stars

I love this product. Really good.