2 Pack Sun Shades –
Fun Design to Entertain Little Ones While You Drive

Car window shade to protect baby

  • Easy to Use – attach and remove in seconds. Each sunshade attaches with 2 small suction cups which are easily repositioned. You can also remove the shade but leave the suction cups in place. Simply take shades off windows, fold, and store in bag or seat pocket.
  • Our premium backseat car window sunshades are made of high quality, transparent, lightweight nylon mesh fabric.
  • Helps block the sun year-round and keeps your child cool, comfortable, and happy.
  • 17" x 15" car window shade fits well on most vehicle side rear windows. You can even carefully open the window with the shade in place.
  • At Fun Safe Baby, we like to create FUN for your little ones. That is why we created our car window shade with our cute, lovable baby characters. Your baby will spend hours looking at the colorful, cute babies who are looking back at him or her. Shades are transparent so even the baby characters will not block your view out the side window but we advise you use caution when using any window shade.

The Perfect Car Window Shade

Now you can keep your children cool, comfortable, and happy with our specially designed baby character shades for the backseat side windows of your car. Your baby and small children will love our adorable, fun baby characters that are imprinted in color on our sunshades.

When not in use, simply fold the shades and store away. Remove suction cups from window or leave them on. They won’t get in the way.

You can leave the shade in place and carefully put the window down. We recommend you only lower the window a couple inches so the shade can still do its job and lower it slowly and carefully so you don’t damage the shade.

The window shade measures approximately 17” x 15”. It is a standard size that will fit most car, truck or SUV side windows.

Our Fun Safe Baby sun shade comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply return to Amazon for a refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Order a second pack as a gift
or for Grandma’s vehicle!

Car window shade to protect baby

Car window shade to protect baby

shades in package